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Congratulations! CNTAC Testing Services Co.,Ltd. (Quanzhou) becomes a training institution approved by ZDHC.

CNTAC Testing Services Co.,Ltd.(Quanzhou) has become an accredited training provider of ZDHC.

Ethan Zhang, Mark Lv, Mike Wong, David Wu and Jianxiong Lee, five trainers from the international project department of CNTAC Testing Services Co.,Ltd.(Quanzhou) after several months of preparation,they received various training skillsand entered the factory to learn and understand the dyeing and finishing process.They took the initiative to participate in various training of ZDHC, and learned the concept of ZDHC and chemical management knowledge.

Accepted Training Provider-Master Team

ZDHC Academy reviewed the data and experience of 5 people respectively. Through interview and on-site assessment, the Academy finally confirmed that all 5 people successfully passed the assessment of ZDHC Academy and became trainers, and awarded CNTAC Testing Services Co.,Ltd. (Quanzhou) as a training institution recognized by ZDHC.


What does ZDHC Academy do?

ZDHC Academyis an important education and training platform. It establishes courses on awareness, learning and development skills of sustainable chemicals management, and also provides a platform for providing ZDHC guidelines and solutions. The training is provided by certified trainers who have a wide range of industry and training knowledge and expertise in related fields.Accredited training institutions must demonstrate years of training experience in the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries.

What does the ZDHC foundation do?

The ZDHC Foundation is an organization called "Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals" initiated by six brands in 2011. By 2020, it has developed to more than 160 contributors including 30 global textile, clothing and footwear brands, covering a large part of the global textile supply chain. The chemical database of ZDHC gateway developed by ZDHC foundation has registered more than 30000 ZDHC compliant chemicals Manu facturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) chemicals, and designed the waste water module to guide wet treatment plants to improve their emission levels, developed a framework and guidelines for chemical management to guide wet treatment plants to implement and improve chemical management system. ZDHC , an inclusive and open platformhas been recognized by many brands, factories and third-party service organizations in textile value chain.

CNTAC Testing Services Co.,Ltd.(Quanzhou) has been accredited by ZDHC to become ZDHC wastewater module accepted laboratory.

ZDHC waste water module accepted laboratory certificate.