Dyeing And Finishing Cleaner Production Public Service Innovation Platform

We accurate docking of technology supply helps the development of dyeing and finishing enterprises.

In response to the current situation of insufficient raw material verification, technology, talents and management ability of textile dyeing and finishing enterprises, the research institute makes full use of the advantages of personnel, equipment, technology and management to assist dyeing and finishing enterprises in technical research and development, technical verification and technical training services as a third-party public service platform;at the same time, the research institute takes advantage of the platform to provide comprehensive and professional services such as systematic and comprehensive technical research and development, technical exchange, technical consulting, technology transformation and technology promotion for textile dyeing and finishing enterprises in the region, helping to promote the transformation and upgrading of dyeing and finishing enterprises.

Successful case: Research and development based on an automated and efficient dyeing system database for polyester zipper dyeing

The primary dyeing success rate directly affects the efficiency, quality, and cost of the printing and dyeing enterprise, and the most basic and core of the primary dyeing success rate is the efficient dyeing system. Through the systematic research and analysis on the performance of dyeing chemicals additives and dye compatibility of the cooperative enterprises, we has established a dyeing database system, which has greatly improved the success rate of dyeing and reduced the enterprises cost of production.

Project effectiveness

The establishment of dyeing database system ensures the dyeing stability, compatibility and reproducibility of dyes and auxiliaries from the source, lays a foundation for improving the dyeing success rate, and to a certain extent, reduces the production error rate, improves the production efficiency and saves the production cost of enterprises.