Standard services

1. Standard revision, translation

Relying on AATCC and other international high-quality cooperation resource conditions and the center's professional service team, it can provide the industry with various Chinese versions of standard technical manuals and training materials,including "AATCC Technical Manual", "ASTM Textile Standard Chinese Textbook", "ISO International Textile Standards Compilation "and "JIS Japanese Textile Standards Compilation", etc.,relying on the Standardization Technical Committee of the Chinese Textile Engineering Society to carry out the standard revision work of groups in various fields related to textiles to fill the gaps in the textile standards system and help the quality development of the industry.

2Declaration of new standard

In order to help enterprises better understand and apply the new revisions or new formulations of textile,shoes and apparel product standards, standards and the latest relevant laws and regulations, the laboratories of C-UTS regularly hold publicity conferences on new public welfare standards inside and outside the company and invite relevant experts to answer the difficult problems encountered by enterprises in the use of these standards and the implementation of laws and regulations.

3Customized enterprise training

Customized training is designed to provide free training services for enterprises such as testing technology, standard interpretation, quality system, equipment operation, etc. According to the number, content, time and other factors of the enterprise applying for training, choose a lecturer to give an on-site explanation within the company or a student representative to come to me .The laboratory conducts practical exercises,involves test project standards, quality management system explanations, and test method comparison. Customized training truly achieves the optimization of training content, maximum number of participants and flexible training time.

4Other standard services:

Assistance to fomulation of corporate standards and corporate standards

In order to help enterprises and groups strengthen their quality management capabilities, and provide a basis for upstream and downstream enterprises in the textile chain to evaluate textiles, effectively reducing disputes between buyers and sellers. C-UTS provides assistance to enterprise-level group organizations in formulating of corporate standards and corporate standards