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In order to help textile and apparel companies improve their quality management and meet the needs of enterprise technicians to learn domestic and international standards and technical practices systematically, C-UTS authoritative standards institutes jointly launched a variety of technical trainings to cultivate high-quality composites for enterprises Technical talent.

Training Course include:

Textile Standards and Testing Training Course

AATCC International Standard Remote Training Course

Fiber Composition Analysis Training Course

Feather and down training course

Apparel Quality Control and Testing Training Course

Costume pattern maker training course

SDC Color Management Training Course

Our center has a number of AATCC/ASTM/SDC authorized training instructors. At the same time, relying on the technical team of CNTAC professionals and the hardware and software resource conditions, the industry cultivates standards for the industry with solid theory, strong practical application ability, and professional application and research with international standardization vision. Compound high-tech professionals can provide various types of special training, customized training and practical training. In addition, we have developed "Textile and Apparel Standards and Testing Technology" (internal journal) for technical exchange and communication between personnel in the same industry.

Service Case:

In order to meet the needs of enterprise technicians to learn domestic and international standards and time systematically, the testing center and international authoritative standards organizations hold the "FCL International Textile Standards and Testing Training Course" and "AATCC International Standards Remote Training Course" annually throughout the country to carry out textiles, Apparel standards and testing training courses. After passing the training and assessment, they will obtain the certificate of completion issued by the C-UTS and the US AATCC.