Fabric Performance Evaluation And Improvement Technology Development Services

We accurately meet the performance requirements of enterprise fabrics, and help them improve their performance

In response to the relevant performance needs returned by the textile and apparel accessories brands, production and sales enterprises from the consumer market, under the situation that the evaluation resources within the conventional national standard system are not equal or sufficient, the Institute takes advantage of the technical advantages and platform advantages to actively dock the market Demand, develop scientific and reasonable quality evaluation techniques that are close to the consumer market to assist related enterprises to meet the consumer experience of the consumer market; on this basis, the Institute assists related enterprises in systematic research on materials, processes, finishing, garment preparation, etc. Analysis to provide enterprises with more specific performance evaluation and performance improvement technical services.


 Successful case: Development and establishment of an evaluation standard system for skin-friendly functional fabrics


As an important part of clothing comfort, skin-friendliness is of great significance to solve the problems of skin wear and sultry that consumers wear in close-fitting clothing. But at present, there is no detailed description of it in China, and there is no unified index and judgment method for performance characterization of skin friendly fabric. Based on the existing performance evaluation methods, CTES Research Institute of Apparel and Accessories Industry adopts a combination of subjective and objective methods to form skin-friendly fabric performance evaluation indicators and judgment methods to fill the gaps in the industry.


Project effectiveness

This project develops a standard system for evaluating skin-friendly fabrics, which provides a clear direction for improving the performance of skin-friendly fabrics. It also brings an intuitive sensory experience to consumers and brings significant economic benefits to production enterprises.