R & D Of Functional Fabrics And Apparel Products


We accurately meet the R&D needs of enterprises and provide a powerful source of innovative technology.

In response to the demand for functional fabrics and apparel products from enterprises and the market, we will give full play to the research institute's technical advantages and platform advantages, combined with the differentiated needs of the consumer market and enterprises, to provide functional fabrics and apparel products research and development, technical options, and for enterprises Provide more efficient and reasonable technical services.


Successful case: research and development of integrated woven environmentally friendly recycled fabrics

At present, China's recycled PET fiber has insufficient innovation, a single function, and low additional benefits. It cannot achieve the goals of efficient recycling and high value utilization of waste polyester textiles in our country. We organize all resources to develop high-quality, multi-functional, traceable, permanently cyclic polyester fibers through research on the development and application of environmentally friendly recycled polyester fibers, and then to develop environmentally friendly functional recycled fabric through integrated weaving equipment.


Project effectiveness

This project develops an integrated woven environmentally friendly recycled fabric and promotes its application in cooperative enterprises.